Booth Associates are proud to maintain long term relationships with the majority of our clients. Booth Associates reports are actionable documents that guide business well beyond the date of the report. They are not another report for the shelf.

Technology and Agribusiness - Our agribusiness specialists have practical agricultural backgrounds, primarily in the areas of dryland and irrigation agronomy. A well developed network is maintained to enhance technical currency whilst focusing on business acumen.

Technology and the Environment - Booth Associates environmental specialists are at the forefront of adopting, applying and combining best practice technical facilities and skills. Armed with the latest equipment (eg digital capture binoculars, infra-red motion activated cameras and recording equipment, moving map software linked to GPS) our teams are able to investigate, analyse and report in a time & technically efficient manner.

Technology as Technology - Through GIS, GPS, remote sensing capabilities, and via associate members and equipment teams, Booth Associates are adept at specialist work. Current projects require the use of multiple layered GIS systems with satellite imagery, soils maps, digital terrain maps, infrastructure and other maps to filter targeted landscapes for specialist attention.

The bottom line is "if you have a problem or need for specialist knowledge, Booth Associates team will provide the solution".