Government agencies and regulatory authorities are constantly evolving policies, legislation, and procedures with respect to land and resource management. Approval processes for projects can be complex and time consuming with the risk of a negative outcome for inappropriately prepared applications. Awareness of emerging or potential changes to policies and procedures may facilitate the establishment of projects and/or influence the way business is conducted. Booth Associates actively monitor legislation, policies and procedural changes. Accordingly, we;

  • Keep clients advised of changes and/or potential changes as appropriate
  • Advise clients on business strategy which may minimise adverse attributes and optimise beneficial impacts of foreseeable policy and legislative changes
  • Prepare and present proposals to influence policy and legislative changes on behalf of individual clients and/or groups of clients
  • Maintain up to date copies of relevant legislation, policies, procedures and planning guidelines.

In today's rapidly changing world an independent policy monitoring service is an essential requirement for progressive businesses. To comply with policies handed down by agencies and regulatory authorities, Booth Associates are able to prepare new and/or evaluate existing policies, which will optimise desired and responsible outcomes.