Legal processes are often a reality for dispute resolutions.  Due to the proficiency of professional expertise at Booth Associates in all facets of agricultural science and agribusiness, we can provide loss assessment and substantiation of claims.

Booth Associates have worked in synergy with farmers, local government and government agencies to support legal representation  in approximately 100 matters covering a diverse range of circumstances, including loss assessment and action as an arbitrator/mediator in legal and other litigation matters.

Examples include:

  • Business and family succession planning disputes
  • Local government planning disputes
  • Irrigation systems or water supply failure
  • Sharefarming agreements and disputes
  • Neighbour disputes
  • Flooding
  • Disturbance of contacts
  • Harvest contracting
  • Drift of chemicals
  • Bushfire damages
  • Disturbance of marketing contracts
  • Quality of life through accident, chemical drift, bushfires etc


As Booth Associates are a solutions driven organisation, clients can expect the utmost diligence in investigation and assessment of impacts.

To learn more about Booth Associates' capabilities in Expert Witness and Rural Litigation please download our Expert Witness capability statement (PDF).