Booth Associates recognise the need for business owners to be able to work in harmony with their business partners and staff.  Our approach is centred on Business DNA.


Business DNA

"How business behaviour affects business performance."


Hugh Massie the worldwide CEO of DNA Behavior says that “Most organisations do not solve their problems….... not because they cannot solve them, but because they cannot see them. Most problems start with the behaviour of the people.”

So although it is obvious that behaviour does affect the performance of people, most business environments are so focussed on getting things done that they fail to have any focus on the people who are doing it.

When it comes to running a business with people, “The hard things are easy but the soft things are hard!”

So what do I mean by this?

The hard things are the logical parts of your business. Doing the business and performing tasks such as strategy, production, sales, distribution and servicing customers.

The soft things are about the emotional and feeling part of your business. This relates to HOW the tasks are performed rather than GETTING THEM DONE.

In the short term many people only focus on getting things done and forget about how people are affected in the process.

But the long haul effect on a business is more determined by the energy that the people in it give towards the goals of the company.

Often people feel offended when they’re not respected and encouraged which can happen when getting tasks completed is more highly valued that the way in which they are completed.

So many business owners feel short of energy because they have to provide most of the energy to their business personally.

If you think about it for a moment you will realise that if you could harness energy from your employees then you’d be able to use that to help you get to your business goals.

Bad business behaviour is like a cancer in your organisation and it has the effect of sapping energy from it. Most bad business behaviour comes when employees are struggling in some way and are not ‘cut some slack’ by the people around them.

The incessant need to get the current job done can completely get a person off side and then the long haul contribution from them is significantly affected.

How is the behaviour in your business?"

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