2013 - Wellington Council - Rural Land Use Strategy

For the Wellington Council undertake a detailed analysis of all land zoned Rural (RU1) and Rural Residential (R5).  The Wellington LGA is a productive agricultural area bordered to the north and south by the major regional cities of Orange and Dubbo with growing populations.  The report considred appropriate minimum lot size for RU1 and recommended a reduction from 400ha to 250ha.  Recommendations were made for more R5 land at Wellington and the villages of Euchareena, Elong Elong, Geurie and Stuart Town.  The Draft Report has been presented to Council and is awaiting feedback from Public Exhibition of the Draft.

 2013 - Lockhart Shire Council - Rural, Residential and Industrial Rezoning Study

For the Lockhart Shire assess Rural, Rural Residential and Industrial Land zoning options for the Shire.  The minimum lot size for all RU1 land was 650ha and a detailed analysis of rural production in the Shire found the minimum lot size was limiting opportunities for new dwellings for genuine farmers and recommended a reduction to a 250ha minimum lot size.  Options for Rural Residential and Industrial Land (IN1) at Lockhart and The Rock were assessed and areas were recommended to be zoned R5 and IN1 at both towns.  The recommendations were endorsed by Council and a planning proposal is now being prepared to amend the Local Envirnomental Plan in accordance with the Strategy's recommendations.

2012 - Weddin Shire Council - Primary Production

Booth Associates were engaged to carry out a detailed review of rural land, rural residential and village lands in the Weddin Shire.  The analysis of Primary Production Stragegy included a review of rural planning policy and a detailed rural land analysis. GIS mapping was utilised to calculate an agricultural holdings analysis.  Recommendations in relation to minimum lot size for rural lands were provided.

2011 – Conargo Shire Council – Rural Lands Strategy

Booth Associates engaged by Conargo Shire Council to prepare a Rural Lands Study.  The Strategy includes a rural lands analysis, planning policy and legislation analysis, environmental hazard and risk analysis, recommendations for revised minimum lot sizes and settlement and servicing impacts.  The report analysis and recommendations have been supported by detailed GIS mapping.  The report has been presented as a draft to the Department of Planning who have requested minor amendments prior to circulating to other commenting agencies. 

2011 - Strengthening Basin Communities RAMROC Group 4
Booth Associates have been supporting the Project Manager to prepare Economic Development Strategies for the Griffith City, Leeton , Narrandera, Carrathool and Murrumbidgee Shires. This project is being funded uner the Strengthening Basin Communities project.  The Strategies were drafted with input from a Steering Committee from each Council through business workshops.
2011 – Narrandera Rural Lands Study – Rural Lands Strategy

Booth Associates were engaged by Narrandera Shire Council to prepare a Rural Lands Strategy, as a supporting background study for Council’s new LEP which is currently being prepared.  The Strategy includes a detailed rural lands analysis and extensive consultation via a series of five workshops including all relevant government agencies and farmers spread across the Shire.  The report has been presented as a draft to Council and includes detailed analysis and recommendations of minimum lot sizes.  The draft strategy is now about to be circulated to commenting agencies. 

2009/2010 - Hay LEP Review
Booth Associates have been engaged by Hay Shire Council and the Department of Planning to undertake an Urban and Rural Study, Rural Settlement Strategy and Local Environmental Plan for the LGA.  As part of this project Booth Associates have undertaken community engagement, including targeted stakeholder meetings, facilitated an Issues, Values and Vision Workshop.  We have prepared a community survey to assist with values and issues identification, land supply and demand analysis.  At this stage Booth Associates have reported an Issues Paper to the Project Steering Committee, undertaken urban and rural land use surveys, conducted development and demographic analysis, biophysical analysis, environmental risk assessment, constraints mapping and have completed the draft report.  Stage 2 will involve preparation of the LEP and associated mapping, and is expected to be completed in 2010.
2009 - Northern Victoria Poultry Cluster - 25 Year Strategic Plan
Undertaken as the primary contractor with Dawson Planning Services as a sub-contractor.  This task was to assess all the current and projected trends in the Australian poultry industry, with a focus on the Victorian poultry industry.  The aim was to analyse the drivers of change, the desirable planning and industry responses to best manage that change, and recommend changes to planning instruments for the LGAs of Greater Bendigo, Campaspe, Loddon and Buloke.  The strategic planning required a full analysis of trends in population changes;  impacts on infrastructure and communities;  access to and impacts on natural resources including water, government policies and legislation; legal precedent;  GIS mapping;  stakeholder engagement;  access to feed sources and services;  and overall industry trends.
2008 - Young  Rural Lands Study
Preparation of a Rural Land Study for the Young Shire Council.  A detailed land use study was undertaken to assess the diverse agricultural nature of the Shire.  Stakeholder meetings were held for input into recommendations for the future direction of the Shire.  A minimum lot size assessment was undertaken and recommendations made in regard to appropriate minimum lot size and planning controls to enhance the future growth of the region.
2007 - Farm Viability Assessment and Minimum Lot Size
A presentation made to the NSW Rural Lands Inquiry Reference Panel which considered the issues surrounding rural land sub-division and minimum allotment size.  The meeting included the reference panel comprising 13 majors from the central west.  The presentation encompassed the commercial assessment of viable business size and how such an assessment relates to NSW Government Policy.
2007 – Property Development Plan, Narromine
Booth Associates prepared a PDP to support an application for a dwelling entitlement on a developing horse stud enterprise, the land of which had previously been used for the crash grazing of stock.  A whole of development plan was drafted and investigations were undertaken according to the Narromine Shire Council Development Control Plan No. 5;  Intensive Agricultureto support the proposal.  These investigations involved soils survey including the identification of types and suitability to support the enterprise;  flora and fauna survey, habitat assessment plus the identification of clearing extent;  identification of surface and groundwater plus flooding extent;  archaeology and heritage;  information on the financial viability of the enterprise;  plus strategies to minimise impacts and land use conflicts.

2007 – Environmental Assessment - Ethanol Plant and Intensive Dairy Plant

Booth Associates were contacted by Four Arrows Ethanol Pty Ltd to undertake and Environmental Assessment for all pre-design level investifations on a 300ML Ethanol production facility and 6,000 milker intensive dairy.