Recent Projects
Rwanda – undertook all background investigations, options assessments, business modeling and value chain modeling on a vertically integrated rice project. Assisted with staff recruitment. Liaised with full bureaucratic and political strata up to presidential advisors. Established in 2006 and reviewed project in 2010.
Indian Ocean - undertook full due diligence on a specialist rice hybrid and open pollinated rice breeding project including a market appraisal of the markets for seed sales. Also assessed the value chain and commercial structures for the processing and packaging of the associated commercial rice component of the business.
Private – undertook detailed site and industry investigations for a proposed commercial rice project in East Africa. Target production 300,000 tonnes/year of milled product or 600,000 tonne of paddy. Included full business planning and integrated physical/financial modelling of the complete value chain. Assisted with the initial staffing and liaising through some early site and situation specific trial work. Worked directly with senior bureaucrats and client deals directly with the president as part of the national food security program. Currently awaiting land title finalisation prior to mobilisation of works leading to production.
Private – undertook a high level assessment of a potential 43,000 ha irrigated rice project in West Africa as part of a national food security program in co-operation with the national government. Investigations included the full value chain. Client is currently reviewing his African, Asian and South American investment options including this particular project.
Sudan – undertook detailed physical and financial modelling encompassing the full value chain through to distribution and marketing for a 25,000ha irrigated rice project on the White Nile in the Sudan. Supported soils and topographic survey teams working in situ and undertook detailed crop water modelling to assist with detailed irrigation designing. Project is currently on hold due to a need to change the site because of concerns with soils at the initial site. The new site under consideration will have the potential to expand production to some 40,000ha.
Sudan – attended a site review in the Sudan for a proposed 25,000ha irrigation project on the Blue Nile with an existing private client and a new client investigating a new joint venture which included large scale rice production among other crops. Provided high level risk reviews and an overview of the technical and commercial constraints. Included full value chain assessments. On hold pending outcomes of the global financial crisis.
Sudan – engaged and awaiting instructions to undertake site due diligence, business modelling and value chain appraisal for proposed 100,000ha multi crop (rice focus) irrigation project on the Blue Nile.
Rwanda – undertook background investigations and supported a tea industry specialist on the opportunity to purchase the Rwandan tea industry.
Kenya – providing comment on possible take-over options for a faltering rice project.
Ethiopia - providing comment on possible take-over options for a faltering irrigation project.
Namibia – provided desktop critique on a proposed 25,000ha irrigation project in the eastern Caprivi Strip. Potential crops included a diverse range of vegetables and grain crops. Project was a proposed joint venture between a Middle East nation and the Government of Namibia.
Cambodia– provided detailed financial, physical and modelling of a proposed corporate scale, rice based irrigation scheme and the full value chain requirements. Supported processing and on-ground site investigation teams.
East Africa – undertook early stage investigation of water resources, landscapes, technical constraints and risk review for a proposed 50,000ha oil palm and associated biofuel project.
West Africa – undertook early stage identification of potential sites for possible 5,000ha rubber plantation.
Earlier Projects
Botswana – worked as a sub consultant to SMEC as part of the team on the Southern Okovango project under the country’s food security program. The intended irrigation system was to promote the production of grains, vegetables and horticulture.
Zimbabwe – reviewed agribusiness opportunities and practices as part of the investigations for the Botswana project.
Egypt – team member for undertaking due diligence for proposed project in the West Nubariya area. The intended irrigation system covered the production of vegetables, grains, forages, beef and dairy.
Argentina – supported agronomy on large irrigation developments in northern Argentina including designing integrated pest management programs, irrigation management and staff training.
Booth Associates – Inbound
DPI Victoria – engaged Booth Associates to undertake a series of scenario runs on the Company’s halal lamb and goat high level business model to demonstrate commercial opportunities for vertically integrated value chain investments by Middle Eastern investors during trade missions to the Middle East.
DPI Victoria – engaged Booth Associates to modify the Company’s high level intensive dairy model for the purposes of encouraging investment along the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline by both Australian and off-shore investors including demonstrations of opportunities to Middle Eastern investors during trade missions to the Middle East.
Associate – Agricultural Investments Australia
India – Director of a major tea production, processing and marketing company with 6,000ha of tea plantations.
India - Director of a major rubber production, processing and marketing company with 50,000ha of rubber plantations.
Cambodia – Director of a major vanilla production, processing and marketing company.
China – Director of a private Australian based company supplying wagyu breeder cattle into China.
Japan - Director of a private Australian based company breeding, growing and finishing of a vertically integrated wagyu beef production business supplying finished and packaged beef direct to a contracted sector of the Japanese market.
Other Associates