2014 - Expert Witness - Agricultural Viability and Rural Sub-division

On behalf of a rural Council assess a proposed sub-division on a major inland river.  A review of potential intensive agricultural industries presented by the Applicant was prepared for the Council.  The matter was settled at mediation.

2013 - Expert Witness - Quantum of Economic Loss Assessment

On behalf of a horticulturalist in the Riverina, assess the quantum of economic loss incurred as a result of a flood.  The flood caused significant damage to fruit trees, including tree death, lost production and reduced prices for post-flood production.  A detailed quantum of economic loss assessment report has been drafted and submitted to the solicitor for consideraiton prior to mediation.

2013 - Expert Witness -  Agricultural Dwelling

An applicant with an intensive horticultural operation within the ACT was refused permission by ACT Planning and Land Authority to construct a dwelling onsite. The property had a dwelling entitlement however, the development application for the dwelling was refused because of concerns it would reduce the agricultural production from the land. An expert witness report was prepared that assessed the likely agricultural input of the proposed dwelling and found given the level of intensification of other parts of the property and the opportunity for the owner to live on the property and oversee its operation, the dwelling would not negatively impact on the agricultural productivity of the land. The dwelling has subsequently been approved. 

2013 - Expert Witness - Sharefarming Dispute

For Murray Valley irrigator, prepare a Quantum of Economic Loss in relation to a livestock a sharefarming arrangement. The report assessed if the arrangement as proposed was likely to achieve the levels of production and returns to the owners as claimed by the sharefarmer. The assessment included consideration of capital expenditure required to maximise farm productivity and compare the maximum productivity levels to the sharefarmers claims. This matter is ongoing. 

2013 - Expert Witness - Loss Assessment

Review the quantum of economic loss incurred by a property on the south west slopes of NSW as a result of a fire.  The Heads of Loss Assessment included the impact on livestock, fences, pastures, damaged trees and timber regrowth.  This matter was settled at mediation. 

2013 - Expert Witness -  Loss Assessment

For a large dryland cropping operation assess the cause and quantum of economic loss arising from a failed fallow herbicide application.  Reviewd application method and conditions and consequental impacts of major weed infestations in the fallow over summer.  This matter was settled at mediation.  

2012-2013 - Expert Witness - Loss Assessment

On behalf of an irrigator estimate the lost irrigation entitlement from an entitlement adjustment process.  The irrigator owned three separate properties and when the entitlement were revised govenrment agencies assumed there was only one property resulting in a reduced allocation for the irrigator.  A detailed assessment of the properties history of water use and a review of the entitlement adjustment process was undertaken.  Joint expert evidence was given in the Supreme Court of NSW.  

2012 - Expert Witness - Loss Assessment

On behalf of three landholders review the Quantum of Economic Impact incurred on three adjoining properties as a result of flooding.  The properties were flooded as a result of the natural overland floodway being blocked by a irrigation channel.  The Heads of Losss Assessment included lost crops, lost cropping opportunities, lost pastures and damaged infrastructure such as fencing.  This matter is ongoing. 

2012 - Applicant ats Byron Shire Council

On behalf of the Byron Shire Council review the Development Application for the subdivision of a house refused by Council for a farm which is currently used for cattle grazing and was proposed to be planted to coffee.  A joint report was prepared with the Applicant's Expert which commented on compliance with the minimum lot size, the objectives of the zone and potential for fragmentation of rural land and land use conflict.  Joint evidence was given in the Land and Environment Court and the Court ruled in favour of Council. 

2007-2012 - Expert Witness - Agricultural Loss Assessment

Calculate the quantum of economic loss incurred by a Riverina irrigator as a result of a water supply falilure.  The supply issues arose at a critical time in a crop produced in 2005/06 so no physical evidence was available.  Detailed water modelling and weather records were used to demonstrate crop demand was greater than actual water supplied during the season the crop was produced.  This matter was settled at court. 

2011 - Expert Witness Agricutural Viability ats Applicant ats Wagga Wagga  City Council

An ongoing dispute between a landholder and Wagga Wagga City Council regarding a dwelling entitlement on an intensive deer property required a review of physical resources and deer husbandry.  The specialised nature of deer operations, along with unique animal husbandry requirements provided substantiation for dwelling onsite.  A report was provided which outlined the unique nature of a deer operation and why a dwelling is ancillary to the business.  Court approved the dwelling entitlement. 

2010 – Expert Witness Agricultural Viability Applicant -ats- Wagga Wagga City Council

On behalf of a farmer in the Wagga Wagga LGA prepare an expert report for the Land Environment Court.  The Wagga Wagga City Council had refused the applicant's development application for a dwelling entitlement on his property because the farm area was less than the Council's minimum lot size of 200ha.  This refusal was in spite of the fact they had verbally indicated to the applicant if an area of intensive agriculture was established the application for dwelling entitlement would be approved.  The applicant subsequently established 4ha of vineyard and his application was endorsed by the then Department of Agriculture.  Expert evidence was provided about the agricultural viability of the vineyard and the changing nature of agriculture in the Wagga Wagga LGA.  This included joint testimony in Court with two Council experts.  The Court ruled in favour of the applicant. 
2010 – Expert Witness - Loss Assessment
For a major vegetable producer assess the quantum of economic loss incurred as a result of a major issue with seed stock which was imported.  The assessment included the analysis of the likely cause of the seed stock quality issues and assess the quantum of economic loss production incurred as a result of reduced crop area. 

2010 – Expert Witness  - Loss Assessment

For a citrus producer assess the quantum of loss incurred as a result of a failed irrigation system.  The irrigation system that was installed on a citrus property under-designed for the property resulting in a cumulative impact of under performance issues and resulted in additional management required.  An assessment was undertaken of the quantum of economic loss incurred from reduced yield as a result of the under performing irrigation system. 

2010 – Expert Witness - Loss Assessment

For a large vineyard in the MIA, review insurance claims for separate frost and hail damage claims.  In both cases the assessed loss was reviewed and the quantum of economic impact of the frost and hail incidences was assessed.  The insurance policies, reports and assessments by the insurer and loss assessor were critiqued. 
2008 - 2011 - Expert Witness - Agricultural Loss Assessment
Asess the loss incurred by seven landholders in the southwest slopes as a result of a bushfire that occurred in 2006.  All properties were inspected and a detail quantum of economic loss was calculated based on "heads of loss" procedure.  Losses assessed included livestock (deaths and production losses), infrastructure (fences and buildings), farm equipment, pasture and trees.  Supplementary repoerts were prepared in response to the defendant's expert reports.  This matter was settled during the court hearing after the defendant admitted liability. 

2009 – Expert Witness - Agricultural Loss Assessment

Assessed the quantum of economic loss incurred by a horticultural business in the Riverina arising from failed infrastructure.  The business grows high value fresh produce for a major supermarket.  To achieve high quality targets the partnership invested in infrastructure which was poorly installed, required significant maintenance and ultimately failed.  Losses assessed included repair costs, lost production over a four year period, and mitigation costs.  The matter was settled at medication in favour of the producer. 

2008 – Berrigan Shire Council

On behalf of the Berrigan Shire Council, prepare a detailed statement of evidence assessing the agricultural viability of a proposed non-contiguous sub-division.  Commercial appraisal of the current and proposed lots were undertaken.  Evidence was provided in the NSW Land and Environment Court to support the statement evidence.  The Court ruled in favour of the Berrigan Shire Council.