2010 - Expert Due Diligence
As part of Melbourne Water’s construction of the Sugarloaf Pipeline from the Goulburn River into the Yarra River Catchments in Victoria, Booth Associates provided technical advice to minimise the impacts of construction on the viticulture.  The pipeline passes through the renowned Yarra Valley vineyard area, and a number of high value vineyards were impacted.  Booth Associates advised the project team on potential dust impacts on vineyards, dust mitigation options, carried out monthly vineyard inspections to assess vineyard health and analysed dust monitoring results.  Part of the Yarra Valley has been identified as a pholoxera infected zone and Booth Associates prepared protocols for the project team to minimise the chance of the spread of pholoxera.  For the vineyards where vines were removed, Booth Associates advised an appropriate compensation, and where settlement was not achieved, Booth Associates participated in mediation which led to a settlement.
2009 - Melbourne Water Leasing of Werribee Farm
Booth Associates played a significant role as the agricultural assessment team for the leasing of Werribee Farm.  Critiqued a number of proposals for mixed enterprises as to their economic vaiability, capacity to create community and social benefits, and environmental enhancement.  The site presents environmental sensitivities due to the strong reliance on wastewater reuse and its proximity to RAMSAR listed wetlands.
2009 – Sugarloaf Pipeline Dust Monitoring Project, Yarra Valley
Booth Associates developed and implemented a monitoring procedure to detect dust levels impacting upon vine health across Yarra Valley vineyards during pipeline construction. Monitoring platforms replicated vine leaf surface and provided a means to assess dust levels.  The amount of dust settled on each monitoring platform was measured by washing the platform and conducting turbidity tests on the collected solution.  This procedure was used in conjunction with other electronic dust monitoring equipment and visual inspections to substantiate dust level claims.