2010-2011 – Financial Improvement Program - In conjunction with out affiliated firms HLB Mann Judd consulting and One Sherpa, undertook financial training for 20 agricultural business owners in the Riverina. The project was funded by Horticulture Australia and AgriFood Skills Australia and was developed to improve managerial understanding of financial management processes and assist business owners to develop and introduce strategies to improve their financial performance.
2010 – Strengthening Basin Communities RAMROC Cluster Group 1 - On behalf of Albury City and the shires of Corowa, Greater Hume and Urana, undertake the Stage 2 studies titled “Where Are We Now?” as part of the Strengthening Basin Communities project funded by DEWHA. The project included extensive targeted consultation with stakeholders across the four LGAs and provided recommendations for member Councils for projects that will underpin the future prosperity of the region.
2010 – Conargo Shire – New Crop Economic Analysis - Booth Associates prepared an economic analysis of potential new crops suitable for the Conargo LGA in the face of climate change and reduced future water availability. This analysis considered commercial returns via an investment appraisal for a range of crops. The modelling reflected the scale required for a sustainable business and the nexus of farm scale and of farm income. A comparison of farm scale to existing minimum lot size provisions in the LEP was included.

2010 – Business Management Report Viticulture - Prepared a Business Management Report for a wine grape producing family entering into a succession planning phase. Reviewed potential returns from wine grape production under a range of price scenarios to test the robustness of the business. Alternative crop options were assessed including capital expenditure required for crop conversion.

2010 – Business Management Report - For a large family broadacre irrigation farm review strategies for the introduction of a horticulture enterprise. Undertake an analysis of historical financial performance and prepare a balance sheet to quantify the current business position. A detailed financial analysis was undertaken of the current farming enterprises with and without the proposed new horticulture enterprise. The new enterprise showed a positive internal rate of return and so a development plan was prepared and detailed financial model compiled. Additional funding requirements to undertake the capital development were identified and the project findings were delivered to the bank who supported the proposed business direction. A risk assessment was undertaken to review the risks associated with the current and proposed enterprises.

2010 – International Food Security Project Financial Appraisal - For an international investment company, prepare high level financial models to test the potential returns of a proposed large scale rice production project in Africa. The high level budgets indicated potential returns justified further development of the project. Ten year financial budgets for the project were prepared to assess all capital expenditure requirements and returns over the 10 year lifespan. Assisted project management to access specialised consultants to undertake detailed on-site assessment due diligence.

2010 – Property Management Plan and Strategic Planning for Indigenous Lands Council - Develop a property management plan and strategic plan for a property located on the Murray River for the aboriginal owners in conjunction with the Indigenous Land Corporation. The development of the Property Management Plan included several property inspections and meetings with the aboriginal elders and relevant government agencies. A range of farm enterprises was assessed for suitability to the land an human resources. The strategic plan introduced a joint venture enterprise for the harvesting of forestry and firewood assets. The tightening of farm enterprises and the joint venture operation offered the aboriginal owners the potential to provide a sustainable return and allow them to meet their land management costs.

2010 – Financial Improvement Program - In conjunction with HLB Mann Judd Consulting and One Sherpa, undertake a pilot financial improvement program for a range of agricultural producers. The aim of the program was to assist producers from a range of agricultural industries better understand their financial operations. The program included the development of a financial improvement plan and a series of one-on-one workshops to review individual businesses; financial statements and projected operations.

2009 – Melbourne Water Leasing of Werribee Farm - Booth Associates played a significant role as the agricultural assessment team for the leasing of Werribee Farm. Critiqued a number of proposals for mixed enterprises as to their economic vaiability, capacity to create community and social benefits, and environmental enhancement. The site presents environmental sensitivities due to the strong reliance on wastewater reuse and its proximity to RAMSAR listed wetlands.