Booth Associates do not pretend to be everything to all clients. Our strength is in building project specific teams from our network of peer respected, experienced and efficient professionals. As our client you will benefit from the input and experience of the nominated Booth Associates teams We do not allocate the work to juniors behind upfront principals.

Andee Sellman

Andee Sellman
One Sherpa
Andee is a trusted business advisor and qualified accountant. Andee specialises in combining financial communication with human behaviour, which assists with better personal and organisational performance. Andee's goal in business is to develop and implement methodology which can assist people to understand their business and personal life better and release the latent performance available to people when they truly 'get it'.

Daris Olsauskas
Principal In2Planning Pty Ltd
(BURP, Dip Ag Management)

Daris Olsauskas has 25 years experience in rural and regional planning in NSW both within the private sector and Local Government.  Daris has been involved in the delivery of a number of rural land strategies, land use planning strategies,  analysis of Impacts of Rural Settlement Central West region NSW and reviewed development applications and environmental impact statements for councils.

Brad Carmady
Principal Consultant - Boskae Environmental Planning
BTP(Hons) MSc(Env Tech)

Brad is a Principal Consultant and Managing Director of Boskae Environmental Planning.  His professional experience includes rural planning, development advice and LEP prepararion, with recent experience in the LEP Acceleration Program, assisting numerous rural councils in the preparation of Standard Instrument LEPs.  Brad has undertaken reviews of rural planning studies and reviewed development applications and environmental impact statements for councils.

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Steve Hamilton
Hamilton Environmental Services - Senior Ecologist
AssocDipAppBiol, BAppSc(AppBiol), MAppSc, PhD

Steve is a senior ecologist who specialises in flora and fauna inventory, auditing, monitoring and surveying. He has extensive consulting experience associated with assessing, mapping and monitoring vegetation condition and the presence of any associated fauna, vegetation and soil type classification, Habitat Hectares (habitat quality) and ‘Net Gain’ assessments, across a range of ecosystems including riparian, wetlands, and terrestrial forests and woodlands. Steve is well recognised in the industry for this ecological understanding and experience, and for his well organised and professional demeanor.

 John Coulson pic2

John Coulson

Coulson Management Consultants

With over two decades management consulting experience, John Coulson is widely recognised as an experienced and highly capable practitioner. John has assisted both private and public groups across a wide range of industry sectors, with a particular focus on strategic business planning, import and export issues, information technology, product commercialisation, contract management and tender evaluation support. John is particularly concerned with start-up businesses and how to assist these businesses to establish strong and sustainable footholds both in domestic and international markets.


Emma Grabham 
Agribusiness Consultant, B.Sc (Plant Biotechnology)

Emma is an Agribusiness Consultant with a focus on a strong horticultural background. Emma's past experience includes extension work in the winegrape industry, assisting growers and their enterprises.


Simon Lee
Senior Ecologist
B.App.Sc (Natural Resource Management)

Simon has over 10 years experience as a Senior Ecologist and brings to the team expertise in the development of Species Impact Statements (SIS), Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Review of Environmental Factors (REF), Statements of Environmental Effects (SEE), Habitat Hectare Assessments, Oil Spill Management Plans (OSMP), Construction Environment Management Plans (CEMP), Site Environmental Management Plans, EPBC Act Referrals and development of Monitoring and Reporting templates.

Anthony Newland

Anthony Newland
Bachelor of Urban & Regional Planning
Newland Planning & Development

Anthony is a qualified planner with over 20 years’ experience in statutory and strategic town planning, natural resource planning, local government planning and planning consultancy. Anthony has a thorough understanding of local government strategic town planning, rural settlement and minimum lot size studies and landscape planning. Anthony has worked with Booth Associates on a range of projects including the Weddin, Narrandera and Young Rural Land Strategies.



Christopher Neilson
B.App.Sc (Sys.Ag.), M.Env.Mgt, EMS Auditor

Christopher's experience includes high order oral and written communication skills, strong liaison development skills, experience communicating and liaising with the media, highly developed research techniques and analytical skills. His professional experience was gained from projects such as the preparation of business plans, strategic plans, environmental reports, conflict resolution initiatives and viability studies.


Anthony Guinness
Agricultural Investments Australia Pty Ltd

Involved in production agriculture and farm financial services for over 40 years both locally and overseas. Anthony's speciality is working in all the commercial aspects of agribusiness’ ranging from farms, feedlots and large-scale plantations with key skills and experience in: Farm business management; Farm financial services, short term lending and insurance; Agribusiness re–organisation, restructuring and management; Business Planning in production agriculture; and Development of B2B supply chains in commodity marketing.


Andrew Smart
Precision Cropping Technologies

Andrew is experienced in working with precision agriculture techniques and in developing systems and implementing thetechnial side of precision agriculture through GIS software. Precision Cropping Technologies is an outcome focussed business which gives a financiallypositive cash return for all work undertaken. PCT has achieved this by identifying the elements of precision agriculture which provide the greatest potential for short term return but will also satisfy long term objectives. Data elements include EM38 surveys and soil testing, processing of elevation data, Airborne Remote Sensing, yield data processing and most importantly high level analysis of all data layers.


Kelly Tyson
Senior Environmental & Planning Consultant
Ass Dip Town & Country Planning, B.App.Sc (Env. Planning), Grad Cert (Eng), Grad Cert (River Restoration & Mgt)

Kelly is a Senior Environmental and Planning Consultant with significant experience in environmental planning and management. Kelly worked extensively as an environmental planner in Local Government, as an independent environmental consultant, and for a private irrigation company in water quality and environmental compliance.



Roger Wrigley
Wrigley Dillon
B.Eng, B.EngSc

Roger is a Chartered Professional Engineer with his Masters and over 20 years of practical experience as a consulting engineer and environmental advocate. Roger has extensive experience with environmental engineering of facilities for feedlots, piggeries, wastewater treatment and re-use and for factories and farms. Roger also has extensive experience with the investigation, design and construction supervision of irrigation and drainage schemes including dams and pumping stations and hydrological investigations assessing water storages, flooding and salinization processes. Roger has been an expert witness at AAT and VCAT tribunals and in County and Supreme Courts, is the author of 8 published books and over 60 scientific papers & reports & has undertaken international work in New Zealand, the USA, Uruguay and Oman.

Freeman Cook
Environmental Physicist

Dr Freeman Cook is an Environmental Physicist who has specialised in fluid transport, mainly through porous media.  With over 30 years of experience in managing and providing scientific leadership research groups and development of multi-disciplinary research groups.  Specialising in soil physics, hydrology, soil bio-physics, modelling soil processes and new soil physical methods. Freeman is a past Chairman of international scientific working party and organising of international conferences.